Cd text troubles

Is anyone familiar with my troubles? I just purchased a 20x yamaha cdrw. The burner is cd text capable and so is Nero 5.5. I follow exact instructions to burn with text. The disc burns fine, but then when I go to play it back in the computer or other text-capable audio players, no text shows up. Any suggestions? Please help.:frowning:

I found the write CD-Text check box used to ‘un-check’ itself, so now the last thing I do before I hit the Burn button is goto
File,Compilation Info,Audio to make sure the wruite Cdtext is checked, then save it is <file>.nra and I haven’t had a problem since. Hope it works for U.

my New Years resolution is 800x600

save as .nra?
I have noticed that it unclicks itself sometimes. I tried that already. Still doesn’t work. Any suggestions? Thanks for your input.

I had this problem too with my scsi plextor. Nero fixed it. It now writes CD-Text fine.