Cd text to id3 tag converter

i am looking for software that will convert cd-text to id3 tags because i am going to put my entire cd collection onto my computer as mp3s and most of them have cd-text on them and it will save me hours if there is someway to have the mp3s automatically named from the cd text. thanks in advance for any help

Exact Audio Copy can do this, and it’s what you should be ripping with anyway.

I prefer CDEX for my CD ripping but in the end I guess there’s not a great deal of difference between these 2 great free apps.

ok i’ve got exact audio copy now, but it won’t let me extract the cd text, i checked the manual for my sony dru 710A w/ newest firmware and it says that it can read cd text but EAC has it greyed out…any ideas? Thanks

scratch that…i’m a little slow…lol…helps if ya check the box that says “this drive can read cd text”

Thanks for all the help you all rock