CD-Text your copy, yet?

I would like to personally announce the release of CD-Text Manager and invite you to download a copy from!

What is CD-Text Manager?
This program basically extracts the CD-Text from a CD in any drive on your computer. First, it displays the information on-screen. Then (if the user wishes) exports this information to all or selected third-party applications installed on the user’s system. This will then allow CD-Text to be displayed from that application. And, if you don’t know whether your drive(s) supports CD-Text, then this program will tell you.
CD-Text Manager works with Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP. Oh, and it’s 100% FREE (no adware, spyware, etc.)!

Visit for download and further information.

No I don’t. As I must say that your product looks good and it’s 100% free, I’ll not remove this link (thread), but actually we do not allow spamming. If it only would have been ad-ware, shareware or whatever, it’d have been deleted by now.

One thing: next time you want to announce an update of the software you made, or total new software that you think to be interesting to the ppl of CDFreaks, please submit this news on the front page ( so we both can benefit from it.

I’ll close this thread. Discussing this program can be done in the appropriate forums.