CD-text makes silent audio CDs!

Hi, I have a tricky problem that needs solving. First of all I own the Sony DW-Q30A and tried various firmwares (have YYS6 now).

The problem is very easy to describe: When I write an audio-CD with the “write CD-text” option activated, the CD writes perfectly, however when trying to play the CD it is completely silent! :confused: (Ripped the audio just to make sure). Tried both with Nero 7 and Adobe Audition. Saw another guy at Adobe forum with similar problem. Not sure of what recorder he had…

Of course when deactivating the CD-text option the burn process works flawlessly. Since I’m depending on CD-text in my work this really gives me a headache.

Any help appreciated, I mean ANY AT ALL! :sad:

Try a little free app that I sometimes use. It’s called Burrrn (

Nero is no good for any CDDA…

Thanks for your reply. Can Burrrn write ISRC as well?

No idea I’m afraid.

Anyone? I don’t think it’s because of Nero. It must be the writer…

I put CD-Text on all my audio CDs, but don’t rely on Nero to create the compilation- it’s just too intolerant of moved files.

I use a cue sheet (as generated by Exact Audio Copy) and burn this as an “image” with Nero. The structure of the cue sheet is not very complicated and you can get the jist of it by looking at what EAC spits out.


Since you’re already using Exact Audio Copy to create your CUE sheets, is there any particular reason you don’t use EAC to also burn the CUE sheet to CD-R?

By using EAC to burn the CUE sheet you can even use the correct Audio Write Offset for the drive (if you have it configured properly).

EAC is capable of writing CD-TEXT as well as ISRC to the disc, if the drive supports it.

Force of habit really- I’ve had no problems with Nero. And I don’t care about the offset.

Also, I edit new compilations from existing cue sheets (and add the CD-Text info outside of EAC)- I really use EAC just for ripping and doing the basic cue sheet creation (although I’ve done that manually too).


Tried another computer and nero 6, and it worked like a charm. I guess I’ll have to use that one then…