Cd Text in Car

I have a T.V. in my car, where the cd text information will come up on the screen, but I don’t know to burn cd’s and to have the cd text on them. When I burn the cd off my computer all the words and text information is on there on the computer, but when it is in the car it says no text. I burn through iTunes. One of my friends said that you have to convert the idTags, but I cannot click that option. It is there under the Advanced tab, but it is not dark where I can utilize its fuction. Any help would be appreciated!!

Use Burrrn ( It’s free, simple and does a great job.

Hi Cellmarley,

Welcome to the forum! Any mp3 tag editor will do the job. (Assuming you are burning mp3’s for your car)

google “mp3 tag editor” . I lke to use mp3tag, but as I mentioned, there are many good ones, free too!

regards, katzz:)