CD-Text from FLAC w/ embedded cue?


CD-Text from FLAC w/ embedded cue?

I just burned a FLAC album file that had an embedded .cue using foobar with the foo_burninate.dll plugin.

I usually use Nero which burns FLAC files but in this case there was no stand alone .cue file and all the songs were in one album.flac file with an embedded .cue. When I drag the file into Nero Express it looks like one track, i.e. I think I will end up with no tracks, not to mention no CD-TEXT.

  1. Is there a way to make Nero see the embedded .cue file and use it?

  2. Other than copy paste is there a way to export the .cue file from the album.flac tag into a stand alone .cue file? If there was I could burn with Nero and check CD-Text as part of the burn options.

  3. Foobar sees the track titles because when you PLAY the file in foobar it shows up like it was individual song.flac files but it did not burn CD-TEXT.

Luckily for me the resulting foobar burnt CD was recognized by Roxio Jewel Case Creators album lookup, so I have a Jewel Case without having to type in song titles. If this had not happened, Iโ€™d be dead in the water without CD-TEXT. foobar did not burn CD-Text but it did create individual tracks and reverse engineered what album it was.

  1. Is there a way to get foobar to burn CD-Text, in general, and specifically from the Song Titles that are in the embedded .cue file?

  2. Anyone know if Burrrn will let me have my cake and eat it too, i.e. recognize this embedded .cue, burn individual tracks and also burn CD-TEXT?

Replying to myself:

Just burned the same album.flac with embedded .cue using Burrrn. Burrrn does it all, could see the embedded .cue, showed me the tracks, burnt the tracks AND unlike foobar burnt the CD-Text. Donโ€™t think Nero can do any of the above without somehow first exporting the .cue from the flac tag to a standalone .cue file.