CD Storage file cabinet?

I need to find a storage box for cd storage that is more like a file cabinet. I want to store hundreds of cd’s of church services. The cd’s are in paper sleeves and I want to put them in file cabinet type storage box that I can put index cards to index the services.

I have looked and can’t seem to find anything like this.

Any idea where to look?

I get overloaded with links on Google when I search for cd storage.



What about the aluminum like storage boxes? Just put them on a shelf and can take them with you if you want.

Thanks, but not what I am looking for. This will be in the church office. I want to put them in a file cabinet.

We have several dozen 4x6 card files that look just like the “putty” colored file cabinets that you see in offices. Back before there were computers, people kept large mailing lists on 4x6 cards. Then punch cards.

I would like file cabinet that holds 5x5 cd’s instead of 4x6 cards.

Don’t think anybody makes such a thing.

I want functional. Not pretty.

This is close to what I want, but I don’t need the lock. And would like to find cheaper.