CD standalong ripper

This is my first post and I’m new to the forum and CD Ripping world.
I would like to purchase a high speed standalong CD ripper. I have about 500 audio CD’s and my friends have many more. I would like to convert the CD’s to a MP3 database and then share the database with my friends.
Everything I have been able to find on the Web is CD ripping software. I tried ripping a CD the other day on my PC and it took about 5 min. It would take me forever to rip 1000 CDs.
The Ideal machine for me is one that would take approx 10 CD’s and convert them to MP3’s either to a hard drive or to DVD’s.
Does anyone know if such a thing exists.
Glenn Patch

there are cd duplicators but rippers? no such thing, you shouldnt bother such a process requires alot of effort and may take months also requires alot of free disk space,believe me there are much better things to do then waisting that much time on such a silly thing and if your friends wouldnt wanna be your friends no more after youll say no then they arent good friend

I’m not doing this just for my friends. I want to convert my music to MP3 so I can carry it with me on vacations, etc

you dont really need all of those 500 in mp3s,i suggest youll listen to em and make a list of favorite tracks and then rip that you cant possibly like all of the tracks,btw exact audio copy is best for ripping

So, one minute you have 500 CDs, the next you have 1000… Yeah. I’d probably just bite the bullet and go for it, but for such a large project, I would certainly consider encoding to FLAC, the Free Lossless Audio Codec, in the case that you ever want to have your music in mp3 at a different bitrate, or in a different format than mp3 altogether. You certainly wouldn’t want to go through 500 to 1000 CDs and rip them again if you decided you didn’t like how you encoded them!

no way just 1 flac file at least 27mb
maybe you have a huge terrabyte hdd but most dont

Well, it’s a bit of a tough call, since he has between 500 and 1000 CDs… Big difference, you know, but say the average CD is encoded to FLAC and is 400MB. Multiply by 500 CDs, and you’ve got a ballpark figure of 200,000MB. Buy a shiny, new 250GB hard drive and you’re set. I personally don’t have a terabyte hard drive, but I do have my entire CD collection (Let’s guess between 150 and 200 CDs) and then some backed up to my computer on a ~100GB partition, and it’s not even close to full.

cd to mp3 maker good program ive done most of my cd and i llisten to them on my car cd which plays mp3 only need to carry 10 cd and all my fav albums are on them