CD Speed

Hello. New to the forum-just curious.Inserting a blank cdr and running transfer rate test in cd speed will lay out your writer’s zones and capabilities for this particular brand of cdr. Is that correct?

As far as I know it mostly tests the capabilities of your system setup, not the media used.

The reason I ask is because I have used it but while one media will only write at 12x all across the cd, another cd shows zone clv with writing capabilities up to 36x on the Lite-on 32123s.Was just curious if my configuration was causing an improper reading.No big deal-the writer works great! (By the way-CDRW media i tested writes at 14x with CloneCD)Maybe I’m better off to not question and just enjoy.Thanks for your reply.

Yes, when you insert a media and then do a test write it will write at the speed the writer supports writing at to the inserted media.

With some types of media this will be lower than the maximum speed of the drive.

But what really caught my attention was the 36x speed! The night before I tested some cheap Imation CDRs and the test ran write speed at 43x in the last zone! Could this be an error? I saved the DAT file and going back I see that it started at 18.35x-2nd zone-24x-3rd zone-30x-final zone-43.16x on a LTR32123s