CD Speed test results...opinions

From a test disk created by speed disk.
TDK cd-r on a benQ dw1640…
question…what are those down spikes…and what usually causes them?

The down spikes are where the speed dropped.
I’d guess something to do with WOPC.
Nothing to worry about as long as the quality checks good.
I see those speed drops frequently with DVD’s.

Looks like it had a little trouble reading in those two spots and had to slow down and retry. It happens. Dust, thumbprints, or small media defects. The important thing is that it recovered and was able to read the data in the end.

If it concerns you, you could reburn the data to another CD and test it again just to make sure.

That’s actually writing a Data CD using the Create Disc feature I mentioned earlier. Most people don’t write CDs anymore, it’s all about DVDs.
Chuck’s diagnosis appears to be correct. Those look like WOPC re-calibrations.


Looking at your scan, you did a Nero create data disk on a CD-R at 48x (max) with WOPC disabled. The two down spikes, as Chuck44 and Nemesys said, are either WOPC kicked in and/or laser re-calibration. We will still see these down spikes although WOPC disabled, most noticable in DVD-R burns.

Cold medicine prevents me from picking up these little details… :stuck_out_tongue:

I use CD’s for audio books in MP3 format and music in MP3 format. And for making redbook music CD’s for the car.

None of my CD-based players can handle DVD’s, of course.

thanks for the replies, not worried at all, just learning all I can. Brand new to dvd burners and everything they entail.