CD Speed Scandisc Errors



I have a LTR-40125S overclocked to 48x (firmware VS02) Not matter if the disc that I tested in Scandisc is an original it show that the disc is damaged ( all yellow ). I have the same results with firmwares ZS0G, ZS0A and I tested many aplications original discs. The drive is installed in the scondary master.

Thanks for your help


We are on the same boat. A lot of errors with VS02. Now I suspect it’s the fault with the media. Hopefully someone can list down all the media which could be burned at 40x and also 48x…


Not matter if the disc that I tested in Scandisc is an original it show that the disc is damaged

Now I suspect it’s the fault with the media

Per the first quote, one would assume the “original” CD refers to a pressed CD. wfiguero, could you please clarify?

So the issue would be with Scandisk, not with the burner. Media can be faulted only if they are written to in the CD burner.


my liteon 40x flashed to 48x gets no errors with datasafe 80min cdrs with smartburn enabled it burns at 32x.

smartburn disabled it burns at upto 48x with 1% errors not bad i’de say.

i am waiting on a batch of 40x discs soon and i’ll keep you posted


Can you copy Datasafe ATIP information for me? I live in a country far from yours, never hear anything about Datasafe before. I seriously need to get better CDR media to burn with this drive. Even 32x burning with smart-burn enable to 32x certified disc also create errors… Yellow(Damaged). Damaged areas are C1 or C2 error?

Btw, does all these errors cause problem? Let’s say if a VCD that I burned contain a lot of Yellow areas, will it causes any error when playing in a standalone VCD player?

Are you using LiteOn CDRW drive itself for the scandisc task?

Thanks in advance for any replies.



Yes some of the discs that I tested are pressed CD’s. I found this thread , where they mention a similar problem, I downloaded the “CD Vergleich” program and retested several pressed CD’s and burned discs.

All the pressed CDs passed without any errors. Some of the burned discs have some errors ( all were SVCDs) and others don’t have any errors. It seems that the problem that I’m having is related with Scandisc and not really the media. The media that I’m using for burning is Memorex 32x (Taiyo Yuden).