CD SPEED Reading

Can Anyone Explain to my Simple Little Brain so it Understands…
I Do a Nero CD SPEED on my “Pirates of the Caribbean” n get a Pretty Good reading (i think) off of my “Lite-On JLMS XJ-HD 166S VDS1C” of
Average 7.12x
Start 5.60x
End 10.30x
Type P-CAV
DVD-R 4.36GB
After about 20 minutes I do another CD Speed with the same DVD-R Movie and I get this--------
Average 6.71x
Start 5.60x
End 8.27x
Why Would there be a Difference in the Readings…Surely the Readings should be Exactly the SAME!!!
Answers will be Appreciated…THANKS…

Also I’ve forgoten how to post an Image in these Forums…Can someone Very Kindly Tell me How to…

It’s normal for a CDSpeed transfer rate graph to vary after a 2nd run, especially if you are using your PC and running other apps in the middle of the scan. (This test is resource intensive).
To post an image, click on the “Go Advanced” button, click “Manage Attachments”, Browse to your attachment, then click Upload, then finish the post.

Also, I moved your thread to the Media Forum since it had nothing to do with NEC.

Hi Wes, Sorry i plonked this in wrong forum…Thank You for Moveing it to Correct Forum…I’m so use to being in NEC Forum Gleening All Info…(well, trying)!
Have Writen those Instructions Down, THANKS…