CD speed question

i know depending on what drive you have its safe to copy files over, say if i have a good dvd drive and it logs no erors on cd speed so i copy the film back to the pc cos i was happy with the results about there being no errors if i put thw hard drive i copied the film to in another pc, will it play differently because the computer it would be on had a DVD drive that did log errors in the film on dvd speecd or has the pc got nothing to do withy it, its all about the cd or dvd drive??

If it is with the CD/DVD drive that reports no errors that you copy to the hard drive, then you have nothing to worry about. You are correct, it is about the CD/DVD drive’s ability to read the media.

BTW, jason69uk, please consider breaking up your sentences in more manageable chunks. It is not easy to follow a 200-word sentence written in all lowercase, with little punctuation.

Hi, thanks, Sorry I have just asked pretty much the same question as this on another message.
Didn’t know anyone answered this.
Thanks again.