CD Speed PIF spike removal



Can we not pester Erik for this option? I hate looking at what is otherwise a good scan with a smooth transfer curve, only to see my quality score sit at 0 because of 1 single PIF spike :stuck_out_tongue:

I already sent him an email. Perhaps if enough of us ask (I am not aksing for him to be spammed though) he will add it in a future version.


I believe this function is already built into CDSpeed, at least it was at one time. Not all spikes can be removed.


Well in Kprobe you can right click a spike and select ‘Remove the highest value’ and POOF it’s gone!

I want such a function in CD Speed.


OK, those are different functions. Both programs will remove certain types of spikes based on an algarhythm. You’re talking about manually removing the highest value. Not a particularly usefull feature unless you wish to make your scans look better for some reason.

The former function is intended to remove spikes that are caused by glitches in the IDE or drive. The latter function is removing actual errors.


Instead of removing some lonely spikes, why not use CD Speed Options menu to limit the highest numbers on scan graphs?


It does not allow you to lock the PIE and PIF graphs independently otherwise I would.


That is one of the main reasons I settled on Kprobe. In the old days I would often see a fluke PIF error that would not be there on a rescan. It saved a lot of time and allowed me to actually read the rest of the graph.


Options -> Disc Quality -> Graph Limit -> Locked -> C1: 20 / C2: 2

It doesn’t work?


in cdspeed , the summary shows the number of “glitches removed”, so I believe if you get a spike it will constantly show up as it’s a real scanned event (ie a scratch).