CD Speed + Philips DVDR1660P issue



not too sure if this is in the correct forum, if it’s not a mod can move it please.

just got a new Philips DVDR1660P1 f/w p1.3 and was trying to use cd speed to do a quality scan (4X) of a newly burned disc (ejected) and im getting an error
focus servo failure does anybody know how this could be happening :confused:

first time using it , v4.51.1, saved the download file, ran it, but it doesn’t want to install, just runs from the .exe, next time i use it again i have to press RUN again, i though it would have installed to a folder in my C drive :confused:


When you “install” CDSpeed, it just runs from the .exe, there is no install as such. What I do, is create a folder in Program Files (named CDSpeed), extract the .exe to that folder, and on the desktop, just create a shortcut to that .exe - should work for you, too :slight_smile:

What discs are you using? Might not be the culprit, but it’s worth asking :slight_smile:

The drive burns DVDs OK?


Not all burners can do scans. Do Philips DVDR1660P1 support scans?


Geno’s got a good point…you might need to crossflash it to a BenQ before it’ll do anything like that?


afaik, yes, look here, if i’m looking at it correctly, if not :doh:

can be crossflashed to a benq 1650.

media is verbs -r TYG02, souldn’t be a problem with them

arachne, will create a sub folder and try again


edit; you beat me to it


Thanks for the info [B]Bjproc[/B] :slight_smile:

Sometimes I am confused with rebadged burners :doh:


so do i, had to ask :clap:


i can use cd speed from the installation of nero ok, it’s scanning the disk, but not from the downloaded version.


And I didn’t know til Bj told me :bigsmile:

That’s really weird about the downloaded version not working :confused:


try putting the downloaded file in the same folder the install put the orginal, It might need something in there and cant find it loaded somewhere else.
rename it first like cdspeed4511.exe
works here


Hi :slight_smile:
Is CD/DVDSpeed versions the same?
If you have Nero, you can drag & drop the .exe file into the nero tools folder. If you want you can also do as Arachne suggests.
BTW If you look closely at link to the Philips 1660 (crossflashed BenQ 1650) you will notice that while the create data disc screen is the 1660. The disc quality scan was dne using the BenQ 164B. This was in part that at the time, most os my scanning of discs written by the BenQ 1650/1655 were scanned by this drive.(no dips when scanning).
There have been report of Philips having problems with scanning. Mainly related to the speed of scans (ie quite often 1x).
I did experience this myself (the other part of the reason for using 164B). Reflashing the same f/w would have an effect most times, but no guarantee.


put nero’s wnaspi32.dll in the same folder as the .exe


Maybe a little dumb idea, but is it possible a corrupted download? Maybe downloading it again can solve


Hi :slight_smile:
Why? It’s not in same folder by default. See Nero Toolkit.


I believe it’ll use the first aspi it can find. Works for me :slight_smile: .


Hi :slight_smile:
Interesting, when I uninstalled Nero (inc wnaspi)but kept CD/DVDSpeed. It still functioned. Hence I was under the impression that wnaspi.dll was not required at all.


Yeah, CDSpeed works fine for me, in it’s own folder in Program Files. This is most bizarre :slight_smile:


here’s a scan


Wow, it’s not showing any PIFs…maybe crossflashing would sort that out. :slight_smile:

And that 1x thing is exactly what zebadee mentioned. I’d be crossflashing that baby outta curiosity :bigsmile:


i think i’ll be giving that a try, but not tonight, need to read more of zebadee’s how to first.

tried coping wnaspi.dll into the cd speed folder, still didn’t work.

bed time, cheers for all the help :clap:


Good luck, hopefully after crossflashing you’ll be posting BenQ scans :slight_smile: