Cd speed help please

hey guys, i have tried and tried to find manuals reguarding cd speed for nero 7 and cant seem to locate anything. nero put all the manuals on there page so i downloaded it and no cd speed. i also did a search here and on google and nothing. i really want to learn what all the different parts of this program mean.

You know what dude I don’t know, normally it would be but it is down. Maybe it will come back later, then you would put the file in C:\Program Files\Nero\Nero 7\Nero Toolkit.
It must be mirrored somewhere, don’t know if I’m allowed to attach it here?

Hi :slight_smile:

thanks for the replys guys.

mitsubishi: i guess ill have to try that another time as its down for me as well at this time.

zebadee: im not sure if im doing something wrong but after i saved the file i tried to extract with Win RAR and it gave me the following message:

! D:\software\ The archive is either in unknown format or damaged

i have Win RAR set to open all compressed file extensions

Fine here with winrar 3.3, try downloading again.

No wait! is back, hurrah!

thank you for the time and help guys…the links are working fine for me now. :smiley: