Cd speed + dl+r!

Ok, some have reported this behaviour long time ago that scanning DL+R froze half way at layerbreak through cdspeed!!

Allot of assumptions have been made like , firmware flaw… Cd speed bug etc…

Now, my guess is its an Driver and / or service related problem in the os !!


Iam only able to do a whole dvd+r dl quality scan , if i startup in safe mode !!!

Therefor there must be something conflicting whit drive, cdspeed itself… i dont know for sure!

So , if it works in safe mode it has got to work in normal mode aswell somehow!!!

Anyboddy any Suggestions ??

your welcome,



The problem only exists when using LiteOn made drives.

[QUOTE=jamescooley1;2146468]The problem only exists when using LiteOn made drives.[/QUOTE]

Its exactly an liteon drive to wich iam reffering to yes! And i dont have any problems using other bRAND drives to read out and scan DL disks.
But realy jamescooley, that doesnt answer my question as to why it a-l-w-a-y-s works in safe mode but not in normal os mode!!!

But it certainly CANNOT be the drive itself…can it!! I have scanned DL+R discs jusT fine using Liteon drives in the past in xp pro, x86 and x64 aswell!!

SO THEREFOR there must be more going on here!! Since, it manages to read and scan full dvd+R DL discs “SOMETIMES” !!!

I mean if it wos a drive limitation , either it scan the full disk always or it simply doesnt scan a full DL… dont you agree!

Oh, well…

edit: iam also sure of it if it wos an cdspeed bug of any kind, they woud have fix that long time ago… Thats another reason why i dont think its 100% drive related problem!!

Ill try out some other things in the meanwhile!