CD Speed Disc Quality Test - slow




I just got my retail 1620 yesterday (FW B7K9 still loaded), and did 2 burns successfully. But, in doing the Nero CD speed Disc Quality test, the speed never gets much over 1x. I have the speed setting set to max. I also set it to 8x, but that was no help.

I also did a CD-DVD Speed test and it never got past 8.22x. I thought it should have ended around 16x.

Any ideas?



Download the latetest cd\dvd speed version from Nero here,
Replace the old cdspeed.exe with this new one. Most liky the file is stored at C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero Toolkit.


Thanks for the fast response.

In fact I am using version 3.55. I went to it after a previous version showed slow results.

Any other ideas?



Update your firmware to latest version.


Unfortunately, it looks like the BenQ engineers have deliberately speed limited the firmware so that it will only read copied DVD’s at a maximum of 8X. I believe that it will read pressed DVD’s at a full 16X, but I haven’t tested this yet.

A number of us keep hoping that someone will hack the 1620 firmware and remove this annoying limitation, but so far this is not to be…


Yes it will but only so with single layer pressed discs. DL are read at 8X max.


Ok, I just speed tested a DL pressed DVD. And it did top out at 8x. I need to find a SL and test it.

I’m still wondering about the slow quality test. I have not yet put latest released firmware on and retested yet.


This firmware is moderately old. CDSpeed was tuned only a few months ago to work with a new firmware released by BenQ that supported high speed scanning. Your firmware is likely prior to that release.


I finished a speed test on a SL pressed DVD. It toped out at 15.45x. So I guess the drive is locked out at 8x for DL pressed and burned DVD’s. I wonder why?

The B7K9 firmware is dated 29 Sep 04. I’m going to flash to the latest and see what happens with the scan test.


My guess is that BenQ felt that a burned DVD will likely have more trouble reading at 16X than at 8X. In order to reduce complaints about reading problems on marginal discs, it was simpler just to lock the speed at 8X.


Alright. Well the firmware upgrade did the trick fixing the slow scan. I’m now at B7P9.

Here is a scan I did. Could I get some help de-cyphering it?

The quality score seems a bit low. What is the driving factor for a good score? Otherwise comparing my scan with others on this forum, it looks pretty good, unless I’m missing something. I"m real new at this DVD burning thing.

Thanks for the help so far…


Now that I look at it again, the PI Failures are kind of high I think. What would a major cause of that be? By the way I’m burning Verbatim 16x DVD+R (MCC-004).


PI erros are low, <280, this is good. But what most important is is low PI failures. Best is when all PI failures are at max 4, but this is not always possible. What you could do to increase quality, burning at lower speed and what I’ve found out is that defragmentation of the C:\ drive helps to produce better burned media. Your quality scan gives 91% because of the high spikes of the PI failures at the end of the burning proces.
Try burning one verbatim at 12x speed, I almost sure it will prove burning quality. Happy burning to you.


91% it is still a good burn , if it weren’t for the spike in the end u would’ve got a 96 . Strangly verbatim is the best media . A better transfer or burning software should improve your score


The scan is generally excellent.

PI Errors (top graph) less than 8 are close to the best you can get and are an indication that your burner is performing nearly perfectly. However, the most important numbers are the PI Failures (bottom graph). The PI Failures graph was very good until near the end of the burn where it spiked to 15. This is what caused your quality score to drop to 91%, since CDSpeed bases this score almost totally on the peaks of the PI Failures. For comparison, a spike to 8 would produce a quality score of 95% which is what you were working on until that high spike at the end. You can rerun the scan again to see this in action.

This trailing PI Failures spike is probably nothing to worry about, although if you were to reduce your burn speed from 16X to 12X those trailing spikes might vanish. In any case, it’s still in the green area (the area below 16 is the green “safe” area). There’s no indication of a ramp up of errors near the end of the burn, which often happens in a marginal burn, there’s just a couple of spikes near the end. Combine this with the fact that your PI Errors were nearly perfect and you get a big:

:iagree: Congratulations on a great burn :iagree: !

Only one other suggestion. CDSpeed is a bit hard to read when you leave it configured with its default “Legacy” colors. My above comment “in the green” would make more sense if you take a moment and reconfigure the CDSpeed color scheme as follows:

Click menu item File->Options and select the Disc Quality tab along the left. In the Colors section near the bottom, find the pulldown box marked as Theme: and switch it from “Legacy” to “Bright”. Click OK and then run the disc quality test again to properly see this “green” area (and the light-red marginal area just above it).


So I’m not really concerned about the number of PIF but how high it pikes?

Here is something new. A couple of times I got this message.

Any info on this message?



Just ran the above test again and did not get the above error…


Yes, I have had this error also. I and another poster believe it has to do with a bad CVT flash, or possibly this:…did you eject your disc after the burn & before the test?
If so & you still get error, try this:
Re-flash your drive using BenQ official exe. When flashing, disable Virus program, firewall, auto update… or flash in Safe Mode
Let us know which solution fixed?


To some degree you need to worry about both the quantity of PIF’s and the magnitude of PIF’s, but since it only takes a single bad spot to make an entire DVD worthless it pays to focus on the PIF’s with highest magnitude. Most likely you’ll be OK with a whole lot of little errors since they can generally be corrected. It’s the big ones you worry about since they might not be correctable. In general, you want all of these numbers to be as good as possible, since other players may not read the data as good as the 1620 does.

That message has been reported by others. What program did you run to update your firmware to B7P9?


I don’t recall if I ejected the disc between burn and test. Should I have?

I just reflashed with the new B7T9 Firmware. I’ll do a burn and see what I get.