CD Speed: Disc Info - No info for CD-R's


I’ve got a Nec 2500A [orig FW 1.09] & Nec 3520A [orig FW 1.04],

CD Speed: Disc Info wont display any info for CD-R’s, but is fine for DVD-R.
Also in CD Speed: Overburning test I’m not able to enter an amount for Test capacity when a CD-R is inserted (unless I trick it by putting a DVD-R in first, then choose CD Speed: Overburning test, then swap the DVD-R for a CD-R).

I’m using Datawirte Premium Printable DVD-R (TTG02) & Ridata Silver 52x CD-R 80min/700mb. And Nero CD Speed 3.75.

Does anyone have any sudguestions to get CD speed to display info for CD-Rs?

disable/uninstall any cd emulation software (i.e. cloneCD, alcohol 120%).

Do you have Alcohol 120% or CloneCD installed? Both have options to hide CD-R(W) information. These options are enabled by default.
But you can disable these options.
In Alcohol 120% this option is called ‘Ignore Media Type’ and in CloneCD this option is called ‘Hide CD-R media’.

Wow, thanks…
It was Alcohol 120%…
Cheers again :slight_smile: