CD speed: cannot simulate with this type of disc

When I try to run Nero CD-DVD speed v3.4 on a Nec 3500A with Benq DVD+R 8x I get the above error;
“Cannot simulate with this type of disc.
Please use the Create Data Disc function to measure the write performance.”

It works OK on DVD-R and DVD+RW discs.

dvd+r’s do not support simulation in general, dvd-r however do. so i guess you have to waste a +r in order to get your info’s.

That’s what I thought myself, but that’s not true, as spath explained in this thread. This just means that the NEC ND-3500A can’t do simulation with DVD+R discs, like quite a few other drives btw. But it is not a limitation of the format.

Thanks. I see that in Nero itself I also can’t simulate this type. Perhaps a firmware update will fix that?