CD Speed 3.80 perpetual PIF spike



I’m using a BenQ 1620 burner with P9 firmware burning TYG02 -R. I used up a batch of 100 of these disks no problems. I checked each disk w/ CD Speed for PIF’s and PIE’s. I bought a second batch of a hundred TYG02, and for the last 25 disks I get a PIF spike of 6 almost at exactly the same location on EVERY disk :confused: ! It’s always at the 0.07 Gb mark. Right at the very beginning.

Anyone else having this problem or notice this? Disks seem to play fine. Any thoughts?



@picree, Check out this thread as you are not alone. Don’t really think it has any thing to do with CD-DVD Speed but this issue has been discussed in this BenQ thread.:slight_smile:


Thanks…that was the post I couldn’t find…