CD Spanning?

Hi, i am trying to copy a 1.6 Gb ghost image…

Does anyone know what software i could use to span it over 2-3 cd’s??

I’ve tried nero and blindwrite with no joy, any ideas?

P.S. i don’t have a dvd writer


You can use a compression program like Winrar to compress it and cut it to the size you want, so it will create three files if you choose to cut it to 700MB size.

Later versions of Ghost will burn direct to CD-RW drives, you could always re-image selecting the source and the destination as the CD-RW - assumng it is recognised by ghost. The LTR-40125S in the machine at work is recognised fine.

Thanks for your help guys, i’ve managed to sort this one by using ghost explorer and breaking the image into 3 files.


here is a freebie called kfk It should be just what your looking for.

Thank you. I’m thedeveopper of KFK
KFK has just been updated :