CD Spanning software

I have a 1.4gig .avi file that I’d like to span over multiple cds on the fly. I’d also like to make the CDs DVD-ready so I can play them on my progressive-scan dvd. Can you guys recommend a good software for the job?

There are many apps that will span the file across multiple CDs, but none that will span it as a VCD or SVCD so it is playable in a DVD Player.

The best suggestion would be to find the VCD/SVCD creation/burning software of your choice and create VCD or SVCD discs based on the image.

For example, create one project with this file, but cut or trim it so only what fits on one CD is in the project, then burn. Now create a second project but this time cut or trim so you only have a second section that begins where the last one ended, etc.

Try MovieJack 3.5, it can span over multipule CD’s, I have only used it a couple of times myself, before I got my DVD Burner but it seemed to work ok.

To get a movie to play on a DVD player, it needs to be DVD, SVCD or VCD format. All use MPEG compression, mpeg1 for VCD, mpeg2 for SVCD/DVD. Not too many will play avi’s - some play DivX so I hear.
The best thing to convert an AVI to DVD, SVCD or VCD is DVD2SVCD - try
It can’t do it on the fly. For a 1.4 gig AVI it will take a while. DVD2SVCD will create disc images that fill as many CD’s as you want - you just tell it how many CD’s and how big they are. You can always use virtualdubmod to split the AVI into two parts, and burn each part to CD. However, they’ll still be AVI files, playable only on a computer, not on a DVD player.

If you download the program “Virtualdub” you can slpit the file into two 700mb files, then you can convert the files to VCD etc and burn to cd.