CD Sleeves in wallets: Case Logic vs Meritline vs others

I’m giving someone 40 burned CDs as a present that I think will be used for many years, and I’m trying to find an appropriate CD wallet. I’m burning on Taiyo Yudens. Right now I’m looking at a 40-CD wallet from Meritline or a bit more expensive 48-CD wallet from Case Logic. Will there be a significant difference in the sheets used? The “fear the CD wallet” thread mentioned that the TYs didn’t have the same degradation problems that the cheaper media did. Since I’m definitely using a CD wallet, will the TYs be equally protected (or equally not protected) in either, or does Case Logic have an advantage?

These are the 3 I am considering (first is Meritline, second two are Case Logic):

Thank you!

Sorry, just wanted to add an additional one made by Kodak: