CD skips with one burner, not other

A few weeks ago I noticed that cds I was burning on my ext. drive would skip and crackle in my car. I thought that I had gotten a hold of cheap media because it was reading bought cd’s just fine. It was also reading cd’s I had burned before just fine. I bought a different brand (though still 700mb) and it still crackled/skipped.

SO…I tried burning the same cd (just over 70 mins) on my friend’s int. cdrw and the cd played fine in my car on the cds I just bought, but would still skip on cds I burned my on own ext. drive.

Any ideas?

Well if skipping with your drive i would check to see if your IDE drivers are up to date . I would also check if your Firmware for your drive is up to date. Also are you using same application to burn with as you did in other computer ? you said it was external correct ? why dont you take your external drive on his computer and see if it plays and burns . Then check to see if it plays the skips or not . If it doesnt that gives you more of a place to start to see if it is your pc or the burner. Also when you burn do you turn off antivirus ?