Cd skipping

I recently upgraded from a 2500a to a 3550. I’m using the same memorex 52x cdrs but now… I get skips when I burn audio cds. The NEC burns them at 48x. The odd thing is, it only occurs on the latter tracks like track 8+. I have not noticed any skipping on the beginning tracks. I burned 3 cds and all had this problem. I did some c1c2 checks on 1 of them and there were no c2 errors and like 3 c1 errors. I even upgraded nero to (I know 7 is out but this version should be fine). So what’s going on here? does my car cd changer not like cds made by the 3550?

Audio CDs burned at 48x?


Try with 16x or so and it will magically work, hehe.

Agree with chef…slow your burn speed down and make sure you’re using high quality disks. Don’t use crappy generics at higher speeds otherwise you’ll have a new set of coasters. :iagree: :wink:

that’s the thing, it worked with the 2500… all things being equal, shouldn’t the 3550 produce similar results? Here’s another question, does c1 c1 error testing not pick up skips? and why the skips only on latter tracks?

On the subject of quality media, I can’t recommend Verbatim Pastels & Super AZO highly enough. They solved all my CD / car stereo problems - at whatever speed I burn at.

You also have to think of things like Jitter when considering such skips. Also, the reason that the errors are more at the end is that the drive is at its fastest towards the end of the CD.

16x was the solution btw :slight_smile: thanks all.

I had a similar problem but @ 16x (or any speed for that matter) with audio cd’s, I don’t burn many and they are usually from mp3 rips back to cda. I originally thought it was my 1693S playing up, but then I burnt the same files with my A10 same problem? Anyway as I said I don’t burn many audio cds so I didn’t think much of it. Then I realised that it has only been happening since I started using Nero 7, I upgraded to the latest version problem still there. By the way I tried different media but the problem was still there. I have just gone back to the latest version of nero 6 and re burnt 1 of the flawed cds and all sounds fine, I will re burn some of the other faulty cd’s and see how they go, all mp3 audio files play flawlessly on the PC.

Some versions of Nero recently had a bugged mp3(pro).dll. ;-(

Hey chef is there a “fixed” dll or can I use the one from Nero 6 to fix the problem? I used the latest version of 7 on a fresh install of XP Pro so it looks like the bug is still there

Even with the latest Nero 7?

You should be able to use another mp3*.dll then.

Cool I will try it tomorrow night, time for bed now, work tomorrow.

Make backups of the files, for any case…

do you happen to know which versions?

All versions of Nero 7, except the very latest version (, I think).


Yup, spot on for Arachne. :slight_smile:

Hey I installed 7082 on fresh XP and the problem is still there!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Shizzle. Nero sucks more and more.

What chef said :doh: …I haven’t bothered with because of a corrupt download, but if the problem is still there…

Now where’d I put that mp3pro.dll file?

Maybe into
"\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\AudioPlugins"