Cd sized music concerts - bit rate & frame rate options?

I want to convert some music concerts from my DVds to CD sized files ( so way I can keep them all on HD for fast easy access without running out of space and I can 1-click launch the shows without all of the introductory DVD crap.

I’d like to be able to plug in a media centre remote and sort + launch them from the MCE menus but that’s not essential. I figure that I’ll be able to do that once they are in a suitable video format which media player is happy with.

So I figure I should use the DVD to Mobile generic option with “keep source audio” & f"ixed output file size" options. I don’t use surround sound so I can restrcit audio to basic 2 channel stereo. Am I right in thinking that this option preserves the original DVD audio quality ?

Now once I fix the overall file size & the audio options that leaves bit rate & frame rate parameters & I’m not sure how to optimise these within the overall file size limitation. The closest match for a 16x9 aspect DVD resolution is 720x400 so should i go for that & leave the bit rate setting alone , or do I need to experiment with various combinations ?
I guess I don’t reaslly get whatprocessing DVDfab does & what decisions it makes automatically when its constrained to work towards a fixed output file size . I appraciate that it has to sacrifice some quality aspect to shrink a 5GB show down to 1/10th of its origianal size. Since we are talking music concerts, whihs is fairly static visually compared with big screen fast action movies waht are the optimal video compression settings ?

disatrous 1st attempt ( this is HD to HD, no burns involved) , the convert DVd seemed to convert & shrink ok but the video was lagging so far behind the audio that half way through the 1st song it was still showing the intro screens!. and after tht I was just looking at a blank screen while the music played. My initial settings were: DVD to mobile - generic conversion of main movie (56 minutes), HD to HD, 720x400 frame size, fixed output file size of 1 CD,

So trying the same show again but this time with fixed bit rate in place of fixed file size. I guess this ain’t going to be as easy as I first thought !

Hi, cybmole. There is a guide for doing this using Merge mode as a stickie in the top of the forum, just omit the steps where you strip and discard the video (if you want DVD format) or convert the Merge output files to AVIs or whatever using DVD to Mobile. If you need one big VOB file (some players prefer this) you can use the VOB Passthrough device in DVD to Mobile-Generic. The orange colored link in my sig will take you to the guide. Post again if you have any questions.

/EDIT/ I see I may have misunderstood what you are trying to do. If you want the entire concert, you do not need Merge mode, but I think you may be asking too much of the MPEG-4 codec. It takes lots of bits to make a 720x4xx image and to try to fit an hour’s worth onto a CD will I think produce disappointing video quality. Look at the column on the Configure screen marked “Bits/Pixel”. In my experience, if you want near-DVD quality this figure needs to be 0.500 or better. I suspect you are seeing something below 0.1. A two pass conversion will produce an output file size closer to the estimate in the window on the Configure screen.

I can do what I want with a different porgram but not it seems with DVDFAB - the IMTOO Platinum dvd ripper using all default settings within its DIVX codec will shrink a DVD to about 20% of origianal size with reasonable quality and perfect audio/video sync. It would be nice to be able to do somthting similar with DVDfab but there’s no dixv option that I can find, and my experiments so far have not worked. With the IMtoo divx format output video file , playing in power dvd or in media player I can still mouse click via the porgress barto arbitrary points within the video and apply powerdvd tricks licke half speed & digital zoom still, but the DVDfab xvid output does not have the same robustness, unless I’m missing some obvoius settings. FWIW I know that IMtoo uses a default but date of 1200 & uses 128k MP3 audio, and it produces output files with dimensions of 720x480 from NTSC sources or 720x576 from pal sources.