CD singles ditched by WH Smith because of sliding sales

I just posted the article CD singles ditched by WH Smith because of sliding sales.

 The UK High Street retailer WM Smith has announced that due to stiff  competition and declining CD single sales, it has decided to discontinue selling  CD singles.  This discontinuation ...
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Pffft who actually buys CD singles anyway? I thought it was just for kids who can pick up a single with their pocket money. You might as well get the album IMHO

@highpass: once singles made a sense! in time of good ol’ vynil when there where the famous b-sides - but watcha get nowadays when u buy single - one song in ten versions - and wonder why single sales drop? look @ shit like searching superstars and f**ckin popstars who really should buy this crap? :slight_smile:

I quite agree with you. I tried bringing a radio into work to make the atmosphere more enjoyable, but find it really difficult to concentrate when the radio presenter says ‘Here is this week’s #1’ and then 'Shut-up! Shut-up!, Just Shut-up! Shut-up!..". Next song ‘Milkshake’… I find it hard concentrating on work with that sort of music (like a TV soap gone musical) let alone getting any sort of temptation to buying that single! The Vinyl days had more enjoyable music that almost anyone would be willing to buy.

DVD-A single time…perhaps one song with video in high definition…5.1 24/96 /24/192 + bonus song equivelant to side b of the 45 rpm? $2…sounds fair to me.

sure if its from a musician and not such popstart, superstar and what they call the shit these days…