CD Shrink



I also have DVD Shrink. What I need is a program that will allow me to shrink movies onto a CD. The movies are to small for a DVD but just a bit large for a CD. Any help given I will be thankful for.


Are they in dvd-video format? If so, you can change the output size in DVDShrink. Go to Edit–>Preferences. You will see a Target size with a drop down box…go to Custom, then on the right of that you can set the output size in Mb. To fit a cd, you’ll need to set that to 700mb.

Make sure to set it back to the normal DVD-5 (4.7gb) setting before trying to fit a movie onto a dvd though.

DVDShrink can only work with dvd-video. If your movies are in another format please let us know what it is.


The real question on this would be if your stand alone player can recognize dvd video on cd media. I’m sure it can be played on the computer.

Most people just use divx or xvid avi files and play them on divx compatible dvd players.

And it is possible to make vcd’s (video cd’s using mpeg1). Nero Vision is an easy way to make these.