CD Shredders

Does anyone know of any places in the uk that sell cd shredders that are not too expensive.??

this is the sort of thing i mean

heh…$100 for that?
Dude, just use your hands

Parteners sell shredders that will shred CDs too. Basically just check out your local stationary places. Though I haven’t seend the type you linked to.

Nah, but there are a lot of paper shredders that can do CDs too, along with credit cards. Just go to your computer/office shop and ask :slight_smile:

I would’nt pay that much, i was just using that as a example.I have used my hands before but some discs break easy others dont break as easy.Plus it starts to hurt your hand, well atleast when punching them to break them.

And cutting them up with scissors takes too long.

Take a screw driver to them. Just put a lot of scratches in them and no one can read them. :slight_smile:

I prefer to actually break the discs rather than just scratch them.Mabye i’ll just take the sledge hammer to them. The CD Shredder was just something i was looking into, just a idea.

Like the dude sed up there, put them in a fire.


Put it in a microwave…

I think you get a pretty good light show too!
(I’m not sure if this applies to burned discs or not)

Also, if you throw them hard enough at a wall they shatter pretty well:)

How’s this:

Go to B&Q or Homebase or some other DIY store. Buy a pack of coarse sandpaper. Wrap a strip round a short piece of 2x2 wood and sand the surface of the disks you want to destroy. Works every time, and it’s dirt cheap :cool:

Also, barbeques can be useful!

You break CDs by punching them? :eek:

I just snap them into 2 using both hands…not hard at all. Doesn’t hurt either.

LMAO. I Think that is what he meant :wink: