CD scans: I always get 1 peak

I don’t know if a lite-on dvd writer is good to scan cd, however it’s my only drive.

During a scan, I always get one peak (500) at about 25-30%, both in c1 and cd2, no matter if that cd is tdk, memorex, verbatim, magnex, etc or if it was burnt five minutes ago or eight years ago or if it was burnt with a lite-on, plextor or yamaha.

Suggestions? Thanks

Lite-On’s can’t be relied on to do CDR scanning.
Get a genuine BenQ or Plextor.

Since genuine Plextor and BenQ drives are no longer in production and very hard to find, I suggest an Optiarc AD-5200/7200/7203 as an alternative for scanning CD-R media. This is also a good drive for burning CD-R and DVD media.

LiteOn DVD burners are not good for scanning CD media as soulsurviver said.

I have an old plexwriter 121032a. What about it?

[quote=al17;2122988]I have an old plexwriter 121032a. What about it?[/quote] I seem to remember using my Plextor 161040A for CD-R quality scanning with a very old version of Nero CDSpeed (I could be wrong), but IIRC no recent version of CDSpeed works with any Plextor drive for quality scanning (not even if you unblock Plextor in the relevant registry setting).