CD saving tip

download Daemon Tools(Google is your friend here) and before you write the image to your discs, mount the image onto one of Daemons Virtual Drives. This will help you save CD’s that you can use for other things if the image is a bad one.

P.S. to mount images onto the virtual drives right click on the Daemon Tools icon in the system tray(for those select people who dont know what a system tray is, the bottom right hand corner of the screen) and go to Virtual CD/DVD-ROM then select the amount of devices you want, go to the virtual drive you want to mount the image on, then simply select “Mount Image” and find the image you want to test. also, .Cue images and sheets work best.

Why would the image be a bad one?

Because, i mean not a perfect 1:1 copy, that is what is used to make a copy of games and shit.