CD Sales Drop Again, Down 20% in the US

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The first quarter of 2007 has brought a drop of 20% in the sales of pressed CDs in the US. PC Pro reports that a number of things have coincided to bring this about. Piracy, of…

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Big freaking surprise. Have you looked at the shite that’s been released of late, as in within thye last six months? There’s nothing worth buying! Let me see, I’m going to release pure crap and expect the buying public to lap it up. Yes, sounds like a plan…

the first cd i will buy this year is the new Machine Head. if it is without playback-prohibition, that is…

Single song download sales are up and CD sales are down. Hmm… I wonder if people are paying $2 for the two good songs on an album instead of $18 for the songs plus filler.

Well, look at some movies, they are so cheap now, my gf got American history X and a few other movies the other day for only $9 each AUD. That’s like 5 or 6 bucks in the US. If albums were that cheap people would buy them yet they produce crappy albums and expect $30 bucks each over here in australia. Correct me if I’m wrong but movies cost more to make than some pussybitch dolls pop albums. There’s way more people involved in making a movie as well. Seems like some music artists and their producers are just money hungry arse holes.

And how much did the cassettes drop this year?

What’s a cassette?

But really, cd pirate is right- movies cost masssive dollars to make, promote, and pay everyone involved. Then add in the cost of making the actual dvd. Yet mysteriously, I can pick up a dvd for $7.99-$9.99 any day of the week. Now compare that to CD’s…new albums cost $13.99 to $18.99? How on earth do they justify that? Comparing the two, with a new release dvd at say, $14.99, a new release CD should only cost $4.99!! The music industry gets what they deserve. I don’t buy CD’s anymore, just don’t feel the need, or the value in it any longer.

“What’s a cassette?” LOL. Hank made a funny. :+

The music industry doesn’t focus on entire albums anymore. Years ago they started to focus on singles and one hit wonders, which makes for albums with alot of filler. It’s no surprise that people would rather buy the few decent tracks on an album then pay for the whole thing. And CD’s are definately overprice compared to DVD’s. That being said, alot of movie costs are payed from the theatrical run, so DVD’s dont’ need to account for the total profit. But the Music Industry only gives the artists about a dollar a cd for royalties anyways, most of it is profit, promotion money, or what they call development money, so they can create more lame bands.

One thing that was mentioned here caught my attention, and unfortunately I have to agree. We simply don’t have time to listen to music anymore. I remember that during the 90’s I used to play a CD from start to end and just listen to it, and maybe go through the CD booklet. The only time I have today for music is on my way to work and on the way back. Everybody say that people are looking for music on the go and that’s why the mp3 players are popular, I just think that my liesure time was stolen from me.

Darn, what ever happened to the 8 track days? :slight_smile: Well, I have been saying for years that CD’s are well overpriced and the days of pork profits are probably coming to an end. Another thing, what ever happened to rock or metal? I am not talking about that hairband or glamore rock dung either. The crap they put out today is for the teeny bop crowd and comes off so fake. Not only that, it is either violent or explicit. Maybe if they expanded the genre TO INCLUDE some old skool people like me then they would sell more albums but this isn’t the case and they seem hell bent on targeting only the preteens, teens and young adults.

I love music and spent thou$and$ of dollars on CD’s. That was until few years ago. Now with XM Radio, Internet Radio, MP3 downloads, who needs a CD?

I’m sick of hearing about the poor music industry. Sure CD sales are dropping off. It’s not the end-all be-all format anymore. It’s called evolution. Last time I checked, CDs were about $14 US. You can pick up that new album OR you can download 14 songs by 14 different bands. CD sales only have one direction to go these days.

Well,you buy a new CD the day it’s released at BEST BUY for $ 9.99 you burn yourself a copy,rip it to MP3 then sell it the same day on for about the same price give or take a buck. Total cost $1.00 for top quality. :B I’ve been doing it for years now !