CD sales continue to slide - despite a marketing blitz,

I just posted the article CD sales continue to slide - despite a marketing blitz,.

During the current holiday seasons the sales of many gift related articles increases. Also the amount of CDs sold is always higher during these times. But despite the marketing efforts of the…

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Big surprise. If I hear one more ‘cover’ version from this weeks ‘pop’ group, I am going postal… I just can’t wait to hear how this ‘lack of higher sales’ is due to file sharing (again), if, music was being created by artists instead of accountants maybe I would buy instead of just saying NO!

The UK charts are flooded at the moment with contestants from PopStars, PopStars The RIval, Fame Academy and PopIdol. The reason record companies like these programs, and the artists they produce, is because they can control the product. Now, record executives know that they can follow the set boy/girl band formula and that that formula will wield yield a certain turnover. But how many times do they think they can repeat that formula before the consumer gets bored? That’s what’s happened here. File sharing isn’t killing music: bad music is killing music.

Just wanna say this: I read somewhere on the net (don’t know the link anymore) that sellings are dropping NOT cauz of filesharing or whatever they say… It IS cause of the DVD!!! Dvd’s are getting cheap, and has many advantages, no need to explain there. And also the lack of great (new) music and artists , like mentioned many times before.

Yeah, I agree it’s cos the music’s crap. After all - you’re not exactly going to download + burn an album then give it to someone as a present are you?

Perhaps the logic is, well I won’t buy the album for them… they’ll just burn it for free if they want it. I agree though, for the first time I’ve seen a line-up of “stars” of which I would want to own absolutely none of their CD’s.

Ya and the sales relflect nothing to do with the overall economy. I mean I have no job at all compared to a year ago. I’ll be sure to go out and buy MORE cd’s this year now that I have NO money. Oh and the music is awesome this year. Doo wop, do do dooo wop. Give me a BREAK!

Once again why buy music when you can just download it for free? File sharing does not affect the music sales at all. The people who copy and sell is what affects the music sales. File sharing has little or nothing to do with music sales.

I buy more CD’s than ever before, and they have the file sharing networks to thank for that too. If you got good music, it is going to sell regardless. (Music prices are still WAY too high though, and I never pay full price. I buy from BMG or Columbia House in bulk and get some very good deals)

I meant hardly ever pay full price for music. I’ve bought several CDs at full price (gladly, they were worth every penny): Charlotte Church - Enchantment, LOTR: FOTR, Avril Lavigne - Let Go, and LOTR: TTT.

I mainly buy music DVD’s these days and movie DVD’s. Haven’t bought a CD in years except for when they are bundled with a DVD release. Marketing is (or should be) about giving the market what they want. Well as a metalhead I find most of the major label’s brainwash ads on TV annoying and insulting to the intelligence. So much so that I rarely watch TV anymore and watch DVD’s only so I can avoid that bs! The sooner the major labels go bankrupt along with the RIAA the better for all of us. However if you have a favorite artist that needs the money support them on tour and at the merchandise table. We all know they get bugger all from the suits and lawyers in record label land. This cookie cuuter method of music marketing (pop boy/girl bands based on youth and looks) doesn’t belong in music so lets get them where it hurts most the hip pocket. The other side of it is a msg for the corporate leeches in the record industry. Bring back real music or we will continue to vote with our feet (or mp3’s) coz we can’t find what we want on the shelves any more… Of course its easier to be a control freak in the name of mass profits bury your head in the sand and blame it on peer to peer trading. That may be 20% of the problem but the other 80% definately has to do with the corporate rock mentality. Rock is not meant to conform and be mainstream its about extending the middle finger to mainstream society and to say like the sex pistols did many years ago we’re into anarchy and f**k you!!! So lets cut the head off the riaa dragon and stop supporting the major with our money after all it only goes to lawyers for the sake of salem like witch hunts and persecution off innocent people sick of being ripped off. If you get rid of the scum sucking lawyers and middle men cd’s (or their digital equivalent) could be reduced to btw $5-10 like they should!

If I REALLY like a CD, then I buy it. But if that CD doesn’t “excite” me, I can delay until I find it at a lower price. Anyway, here in Italy a brand new CD goes from 15€ to 19€, that’s why the latest CDs I bought were good '80s oldies from 3€ to 5 €