Hi, i dont know how to copy multiple cd`s to one DVD disc. I have a game on 3 or 4 cd, but i dont know how to repack them on a single DVD-r disc !

Help !!


Save the respective images and burn them as datafiles onto the DVD.
From there you can use a virtual CD drive (software) to mount the images when you need them.

To learn more (this has been discussed several times before), try searching for ‘Daemon Tools’ or ‘Virtual ROM’

a better way is that as the 1st disk will contain the copy protection data to leave that, so what you will have is 1x cd-r as disk 1 (or the play disk) and 1x DVD-R for the install. to do this (i am assuming that disk 1 is the play disk) copy contents of all the rest of the disks into one folder on the hard drive, it is likely you will have alot of .cab files, once they are all on the hard drive burn them to dvd with any dvd recording software. then what wil ahppen is it will ask for disk 2 during installaton but then not ask for any other disks. good luck. ben :slight_smile:

Thanx, but this is not what i wont. I have managed to burn dvd with all files ,but autorun works (from dvd ) and instalation starts. when it comes to 40 % i got this massage INSERT CD 2. I copy .pk files on one place (where is original first .pk file. I dont know how to compile them to bypass INSERT CD 2

This is the problem. It is looking for a CD/DVD called disc2 or somthing similar. Because your disc can have only one name it will never find the second disc name. If you call your disc “disc2” then autoplay or the first disc won’t work because it now dosn’t ahve that name.

Also if there is any copy protection on the disc by simply copy the files to a DVD will break it and the game will not install or play.

it is fairly simple i think, the disk 2 shouldnt have any copy protection on it if it is only for installing and not running the game. so make sure the volume label is the same as the original. i dont think you can legaly make a copy of all the disks onto dvd as it will still ask for the disk when the game is run, and the copy protection data will not be on the DVD, so the only way without using a no-cd (which would be illegal :cop: ) would be to make a 1:1 (or with emualtion) cd copy of the play disk and anouther dvd copy with all the install/autorun files on it. :slight_smile: