How many do you own?

You did mean disc’s right? Not drives?

It’s 05:55 am here and I’ve been awake since 08:00am yesterday.

Nothing seems simple at this time of day. Least of all my drive home.

Disc’s: I’ve got about 30. I like to use them for test burns if I have doubts of it working. Especially with CloneCD & copy protection.

I do mean disc’s as I have had like 4 in total but am now left with 1. I should of put that in my first place

I had one , but gave it away to my brother to learn how to write cd’s on his “new” writer which i also gave him.

Saves lots of coasters

Saves lots of coasters

I wish that I could say that… but in total I have wasted about $25 on 3 CD-RW discs that i have had to throw out. For the same price I could of got 20 CD-R’s. The only one I have now was given to me.

I have 2 CD-RW’s, they came with my 2 writers. I use 'em primarily for audio (burn a downloaded song to CD-RW, then copy to MiniDisc)

I got 42.

2 cames with he burners i’ve(never used them either)

And the other 40 well,was out shopping and come across a store selling cdrw’s for 1 buck each(50 cents US)and couldn’t help myself so i bought them all.

PaRaNoiD>> have you used any of them at all? Or is it just the 2 that came with your burner that you havn’t used?

The 2 that come with my burners i’ve not used(never even taking them out there packets yet)

As for the rest i got half a dozen as back up disk and the rest i use to put movies on(my dvd player plays cdrw’s)

If you buy a dvd player(dvd player for tv not pc)make sure it plays cdrw and cdr’s.It’s great,rip a movie off,watch it for a while and if u you like it burn it onto a cdr if not delete the cdrw and put another movie on.

I have two… Both came with my burners…
Don’t really need them, use them as testdiscs from time to time…

I have about 30 of them lying around the house. I found an incredibly cheap deal in my local computer store a year ago (2 twenty packs for 20 dollars) Dont use them much except when people want to listen to music and i dont feel like wasting a CD-R.