CD-RWs burning, but no data afterwards



When I attempt to burn an audio CD, it will burn and close as it normally would. When trying to read the disc after it is finished (in any cd player or pc) it shows there is no data on the CD.

I’ve been browsing the web for a few hours now, as most solutions can be found via google, but I cannot seem to figure this one out.

I am not sure if the Lite-On drive is the one I selected in the Product field, but it was the closest I could find. In device manager, the drive is listed as:


I recently replaced a bad harddrive and reinstalled windows xp home edition. all my drivers check out fine. I am trying to record songs to a Memorex High Speed CD-RW.

any ideas? any other information I could provide that might prove useful?

EDIT: I have checked to make sure the driver was updated, and it was.


are you by chance saying you could not play back the music you recorded on to a dvd/cd?
i feel you need to state your problem more clearly.
did it say successfully burnt?
provide any error log it has saved.


there was no error message, the cd-rw’s burn and close, and when I pop the disc back in, it is blank, no data whatsoever. (though the dark ring from supposed data is on the disc)


that kind of blank disk appearance comes up written in INcd programs.
have you tried regular cd writing [not RW] also?
RW disks are not always compatible to all drives.


I have not yet tried a CD-R. I will try this tomorrow and see how things go. thank you :slight_smile:


Yeah, probably your other drives cannot read CD-RWs…


IF you are trying to create an Audio CD, then you should use a CD-R disc and not the CD-RW. Data can be written to either type. You can further test the drive using one of FREE burning programs. I’ll suggest the burner since it can do either Audio or Data as can InfraRecorder. As to anything Nero-I personally gave up on it a long time ago and prefer other programs that do not have things like InCD.
BTW: Did you check Device Manager to be sure the drive is in fact listed there?
Let us know how your test works out.


A few free alternative burning apps for you try…