Cd rw



when i put files on my CD RW it works fine in my burner but when i give the cd to somebody else it frezzes up there computer and it doesn’t load. How can i retafy that. Do i need to close the RW or what?


That is because the other person does not have a mutli read cddrive, otherwise he could have read the rewriteable.

and thats why you can cause a writer is multiread. And yes if you closed the sessions
then he could have read it with a normal drive.



Yes as R-N said normal CD-ROM and certain Writers can’t read CD-RW unless are a multi-read capatible. For instance an ordinary audio cd player won’t reconise a CD-RW. So follow the wise words of R-N and close the session for it to be read on normal cd-rom. A quick question for R-N if u do close the session can the CD-RW still be formatted again?


Ch5 Micky



Yes a cd rw can always been formatted.
also a quick format thats only removes the TOC table and a complete format [takes ages ] but removes all data.