CD-RW wouldn't erase



Hi Everyone,

Last night I used Nero 7 ,(on my WinXpPro SP3 computer ,Sony firmware:JYC4) to full erase some Memorex CD-RW disks, that I had previously used Nero 7 to burn data to the disks. I used the full erase method, but when I attempted to burn new data on the disks, Nero crashed.
After rebooting , I checked the disk info with Nero burning ROM and discovered that Nero disk info said that the original data was still on the disk. The disks were still full , according to Nero disk info, but when I earlier used Nero burning rom’s disk erase, it said the operation was successfull.
And when I checked the disk with Nero CD-DVD Speed , it said the disks were empty.
When I originally burned the data disks, I believe Nero was set to “finalize disk” . Was that the reason why they wouldn’t erase ? Or what Else could have went wrong ?
I know that this topic has been posted on the forum before, but I didn’t see any threads with specs. about my specific hardware/software .

Feed back will be appreciated .


I have had loads of problems with Memorex CD-RW discs, so much so that my BenQ hates them and my Lite-on is just so-so with them (poor results).

If you have another drive to blank the discs with then this may work but I have binned all mine now.


Memorex is bad and even baddier with RW.