CD-RW Wont read



I have a CD-RW I wrote almost a year ago. There are no scratches on it, looks perfectly fine. My computer reads CD’s and DVD’s but just wont read this one. It has pictures on it so I took it to a Target Kiosk (photo counter) to try to pull the pictures up there and got nothing again. Does the disk need to be formatted in anyway? How do I do that? What is going on as to why it wont read? It does not make any sounds that it is trying to read it either. Its an important disk to me so I need it to work, its the only copy. What do I do?? Is there a magical button I can hit to make it work?



Have you EVER been able to read the cd. Did you try right after creating it? It’s possible the disk was not finalized. You might try programs like ISOBuster to read the disk.