Cd/rw Won't Play In Car

I copied a music CD I had for my other car on a CD/RW Cd and I get an E20 error message then the CD gets ejected.Whats wrong ? The copied CD/Rw plays in my dvd/cd player on my TV.

But not many car stereos will play CD-RW.

Thanks for that info.I’ll try a CD-R maybe thats the problem.

The CD-RW was the problem.The CD-R works great. Thanks for the help!!

Yea, I even occasionally encounter CD-Rs that don’t play in car stereos…

I’ve had a problem downloading cd music. I’ve tried a number of cd burner applications including itunes. When I download music using Itunes, the disc keeps popping out.
Just tried cd burner xp and it seems to work fine. But then a problem occurs. I can play the cd in my DVD player, but when I try to use it in my cd stereo and my car, the cd won’t play. I believe there is a problem with my computer. Tried downloading operating system windows xp- home edition but when it completed, the window said incomplete. Obviously, a problem with my computer. Perhaps you could tell me what files are corrupted, thanks Steve Zimmett

The factory CD head unit I had in my car until about this time last year, a mid-90’s single DIN Ford "premium unit actually made for ford by Sony, was not supposed to play CD-Rs but it would play SOME CD-R discs
The discs tried? Azo (Bright Deep Blue) or Cyanine (Blue-Green), but not the pale (greenish silver) Pthalocyanine CD-R discs.

The aftermarket unit I have now will play almost any CD-R, but is sometimes sensitive about how the disc lead in is done.
It will choke on CD-Text discs unless I program a short pregap on track 1 into the cue sheet before burning the disc.

my disc changer will “eat” anyting I feed it CD-R, CDRW, etc…

Most name brand aftermarketCD head units made 2004-ish or later will play RW discs, I have yet to see a factory unit that will play the RW’s reliably.

Though I should note that the “slow” (1x, 2x or 4x) RW discs are hopeless.
The “High speed” (10X) and “Ultra Speed” RW’s work better because even to the naked eye it’s easy to distinguish the written part from the unwitten part.

Expirement, a different brand or “faster” RW discs may work for you.

Personally I like RW’s because of the obvious economical benefits
And though the data degrades over time, it’s easy enough to erase and rewrite them periodically.