CD-RW Woes

Hey ho,

I have a problem - my cd burner no longer seems capable of writing to or erasing CD-RWs.

Its an Acer CDW432IA-032.

I’ve tried 3 different discs of varying brands but to no avail. If I try to burn or erase using Nero, I just get a power calibration error, regardless of what speed or erase type (ie. full, quick…) I choose.

I tried upgrading my burner firmware, upgrading Nero and trying Easy CD creator but the problem persists. I also recently did a complete Windows (ME) re-install.

I tested the discs out on another PC set up and they worked fine.

Previously, I had never had a problem with CD-RWs. Is it possible for a CD burner to lose the capacity to burn RWs but retain the ability to burn CD-Rs?

If anyone had any ideas or theories, I’d love to hear them.

Thanks alot.

Might just be the result of marginal RW media. Try some different RW discs, Maxell, Sony or Verbatim if you can find them.