CD-RW ultra speed?

The specs of my DVD+/-RW device indicate that there’s a CD-RW mode USRW that allows speeds of 10x compared to 4x in regular mode. I’m having a hard time finding those ultra speed media. Are they not used often or relatively expensive? What kind of media would be my best choice?

US CD-RW is 24X, not 10X. Which part of the world are you in? Verbatim 24X CD-RW media is the best, IMHO.

Memorex 24x CD-RW is also widely available.
Manufactured by Infodisc.

Not that good though :wink:

There are 3-4 main speed groups for CD-RW, and a few subgroups

1. Low Speed
Unspecified or 2x rated

2. High Speed (NB. the 4x of HS media is NOT compatible with the 4x of a low speed writer!)
4-10x (“standard” speed range)
4-8x, 4-12x (most drives will use their full HS range on ANY HS media)
4-16x (drives with certain chipsets may overspeed HS media to 16x)

3. Ultra Speed (NB. US-RW at 10x/12x is not compatible wiith HS drives at those speeds)
10-24x as marked on the media
16-24x practical specification of many drives for it

4. Ultra Speed Plus
32x speed is not widely supported by media

The specs of the drive are as follows:

Write Speed (DVD+R) : 2.4x, 4x
Write Speed (DVD+RW) : 2.4x
Write Speed (DVD-R) : 2x
Write Speed (DVD-RW) : 1x, 2x
Write Speed (CD-R) : 8x, 12x, 16x
Write Speed (CD-RW) : 4x, 10x (USRW support : 10x)
Read Speed (CD-ROM/R/RW) : 24x/20x/20x
Read Speed (CD-DA) : 15x Max
Read Speed (DVD-ROM/R/RW) : 8x/6x/6x Max

Can I use the 24X with that?

The only references I found were some foreign language sites…

With that specification, I’d expect it to be High Speed, not Ultra - having US-RW support on a 4x max DVD / 16x max CD writer is extremely unlikely

I should have looked at the label on the burner door that says “High Speed” with specs up to 10x. Anyway, I went to the store and got some Memorex High Speed CD-RW rated at 12x 700Mb 80min … they format fine (Direct-CD) on my Desktop with an “Ultra Speed” rated drive, but I get a format error on my laptop’s “High Speed” drive which is a hitachi-lg gwa 4040N (see specs earlier in this thread).

Should this drive not be compatible with any media rated as High Speed?
Are there any media that will be faster with this drive than the 1x to 4x 650mB ones that I have been using so far?

That drive might be picky with CD-RW media compatibility.
Your best bet is probably with Verbatim 12x HS CD-RW.

Do not use any kind of Memorex CDRW media, It’s total crap made by Infodisc. Might as well throw your money away. The same could be said of DirectCD, you will often lose data with DirectCD. Suggest you do multisession burns instead.
Verbatim or Maxell RW media will serve you well. I have a personal preference for 650MB RW discs, I feel they are safer and burn better.

Many DVD burners will accept and burn US media, but will be limited to 10x or 12x. This makes the expense of USRW kind of silly. Stick with HS Verbatim or Maxell. You cannot write US media in a HS rated drive, and some of them will not read it either.

The written specs of the drive say “Write Speed (CD-RW) : 4x, 10x (USRW support : 10x)” but the drive door indicates “High Speed”, so I find this very confusing. Maybe I will try to find some HS rated media that are labelled 10x?

This has already been explained here. Your drive supports US media, but only writes it at 10x, (instead of 16x and 24x). This makes it pointless to buy US media. Just get 10x/12x HS media from Maxell or Verbatim and you’re good to go.

I agree completely on the Memorex CDRW media. Luckily I only bought 5 of them, and so far they worked ok the first few times I tried to re-write them, but after that they only burn at 10x or 12x. I guess I can also look forward to some data loss too. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I would have to agree with this advice. I’ve recently tested a couple of discs (from a newly-opened package of 24x US CD-RW), and found that the first burn produced a lot of C1 and C2 errors/failures @ 24x (as measured by Nero CD-DVD Speed), while that same media deteriorated greatly with subsequent rewrites even at lower speeds. (None of the DVD-RW’s or DVD+RW’s that I’ve tested degraded anywhere near as badly as those Memorex CD-RW’s!)

Unfortunately, locally I could not get any US or even HS CD-RW media from any brand besides Memorex (which means that Infodisc junk), while the few other CD-RWs still available locally has been of the low-speed (4x maximum) variety.

Anyone have any experience with US-RW in stereos and portable CD players? Or would HS be better for that?

Verbatim UltraSpeed CD-RW plays fine in my Sony CD player, but I can’t say I have tested it in many CD players.

The Memorex Ultra Speed Infodisc burn very badly in my Liteon 1693. I have sometimes gotten good scans right after the burn but then found them unreadable the next day.

Cool. Verbatim is what I was planning on getting.

Does it damage RW discs to burn with multiple different burners?

I shouldn’t think so.

DVD-/+RW discs were designed to be recorded or written using a host of different DVD Recorders and DVD Rewriter units.

I happen to have a DVD Recorder [I]and[/I] a DVD Rewriter so I’ve used both simultaenously to format and erase the same RW disc again and again and have not had any problems (yet).

I don’t know what effect this can have on the long term stability of DVD-/+RW media though.