CD-RW UDF data recovery


I have a CD-RW disc written with 576MB using InCD formatting. That is UDF file structure. Now when I open the file, some of the most important data is missing. Basically 2 of the many folders register as 0 bytes in Windows Explorer. The rest of the files and folders are ok.

Actual file size in Windows Explorer says 174MB. But Nero tells me that the disc is 576MB. I use ISOBuster to retrieve the info but I cannot extract anything on the disc. I right click over the folder I want and then I extract. The menu leads me to the destination folder window and after I select ok, it disappears and then nothing happens…


regarding file size that might be normal ,windows explorer will always report the total size as the total size of the last written session and not the real total size (unless its a non-multisession cd or it is but you burned only one session,regarless to those you can see the real total file size by exploring the cd selecting all items and right click properties)

use cdroller

Yikes. UDF and Multisession all in one? What a recipe for disaster!

Seeing the earlier sessions on a disc is always a maddening issue. Back with Adaptec owned EZ Coaster Creator they shipped a driver that would show you the other sessions on a disc. I’m sure there’s something like that floating around out there now.


Thanks for your comments but I think I was not clear:

This CD-RW was used exclusively as a large floppy. So it’s only UDF, nothing else in there… only 1 session.

phil I did check the properties of all files/folders on the CD-RW. It gave me only 174MB. There are no hidden sessions, etc. Curiously Isobuster reads 576MB. So I know that the data is still there. In fact I can see all the files in Isobuster. The problem is because I don’t have a licensed version (and I dun want to buy one just for one CD-RW recovery) I cannot extract the data… some of the larger folders have a black cross besides them. I understand that it means the file is fragmented over the entire disc’s file structure. Are these recoverable?

I’ll try CDRoller. Thanks! In the meantime, any other help/suggestion as to what else I can do to recover the data would be greatly appreciated.

use bad copy pro, to see all data on cd