Cd-rw troubles, please help

I was using nero to do some back up and dragged a folder over the compilation window, assuming the work it was doing afterwards was nero updating the files. I then formatted the hard drive. Now the files on the cd are versions from more than two months old. Do I have to do something to make the later tracks available or is all that work gone? please please help, email me w subjectline cd-rw if you are kind enough to help a desparate man.:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
or post here, i added it to favorites, thank you for any help.

the program that you need is cd-r diagnostic. if the track was indeed writen to the disc then with this program you will be able to recover the lost track and copy it to your HD there for saving the data.

You can check here for more info on the program.