CD-RW tray will not open. Help!

I got a new Sony CRX195E1, and the tray will not open. It will come out about half-way or so, and then go back in. Then it won’t even try to open again unless I restart the computer. Also after it fails to open the computer locks up. It will lock up for about 30 sec., then I can move the mouse for about 5 sec., then locks up for about 30 sec. and so on. I eventually have to hit the restart button on my case.

Here is my specs:
AMD 2400+
Corsair PC2700 512 MB
WD 80gb HD \w 8mb cache
Albatron Ti4200P Turbo
Lite-on DVD LTD163D (master)
Sony CRX195E1 (slave)
Windows XP Home

So does anybody know whats wrong? Should I RMA it? Is it correctable?

By the way I just got this whole comp last Sunday, so its basically brand new.


  • Mike

Since it’s a new computer, I wouldn’t spend a lot of time trying to fix it. It’s probably a mechanical defect in the burner causing the tray to drag and close.

I would contact the vendor of the computer and ask them for instructions.