CD-RW software integrated in OS

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Sony, Philips and Compaq Microsoft have launched the Mount Rainier group. The goal of the companies is to create a CD-RW software…

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the only intrest microsoft and could possibly have in making cdrw software would be a subversive one

is there any way we could make english the dominant language of this site… im not sayin that german is not use but we cant read what they write… it could be important!


could of sworn that adaptec already did this with directcd v3.0. it also uses the udf file system. in fact if a computer can’t read the directcd 3.0 disk, it installs the udf driver right off the cd. o well.

I don’t think Microsoft is trying to do anything subversive here. MS isnt’ a part of the music industry. I dont think they’d care too much about that side of it. I believe they genuinely want to do it and it’s about time. It should have been done ages ago.

My only worry is that if MS are doing it then it’s going to be shit and really really dodgy - here comes a few thousand messed up burns - they should call the software coasters 'r us!

They probably only wanna make it so they can design it themselves and make copies hard 2 crack and other stuff like that etc etc

I Agree with Nila! The way Windows has been crashing on us not only do we have 2 worry about the OS crashing on us, now we also have 2 worry about the writing program! I think Bill Gates is listening 2 the ideas from the wrong end!!!

WTF, I think some people need to read more carefully. They want to integrate packet writing software to set a standard for CD-RW. I do not see how this can possibly be subversive move to stop copying since you cannot copy anything with portection using packet writing in the first place. Also it would make CD-RW more convienient since they could probably reduce UDF overhead if they didnt need a unique one to work with a certain software and one of the problems with packet writing nowdays is the lack of a standard format.

Should’nt that be if it ain’t fixed don’t use it?

I just can´t understand u guys…

MS is trying to make it all just more simple, for the average user, and all u do is complain… I really can´t see a problem with and integreted CD-RW software in Windows. It is something there should have been there for a long time now…

So stop complaning and just be happy, that with the new OS, our life is gonna be a little more simpler…

And regards to u guys who have unstable computers, u might wanna try to learn how to updates drivers, bios and so on, coz my Win98´2 is running SMOOTLY…



Monday 11 December??

YES, let’s make CloneCD the standard!!!

THe fact that MS is working together with Philips, Compaq and Sony and THE FACT that Adaptec supports this, gives a good reason to believe this is in fact a GOOD thing MS is doing. Their goal is to make it easier on people to store big files instead of using a floppydisk but using the Drive as a “BIG FLOPPYDRIVE” without even having to install the software. It is an update which is required in all new OS’es, but MS is the first one to figure this out ) So even while MS OS is not perfect, MR is not entirely from MS, but developed mostly at Sony and Philips who are already testing the new MR compatible drives with the first BETA software. Fot those who still don’t know what MR actually does or is, YOU CAN’T MAKE AUDIO CD’S WITH IT, it only works as storage for your important and big files, just like a floppy once did. BUt we all know what a floppy is right now, something to boot your PC when you reinstall it )

MS is having hard enogh time patching up their OS work of art, and they have been making os for how long ??? Now Billy has found a new toy to play with. MS should devote its energy to fix up their ever so unstable OS with the life time supply of patches and SR’s before they try to get into something they have not a clue about, just to be pollitically correct. Billy why don’t you stick to your X-Box project for now if you want something to play with. When and IF Win Whistler does appear, the first thing I’ll do is to uninstall the Mount Rainier.

You know the famous saying guys, IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT.

All I can say is blahhh!! We ALL now that this could turn into MS looks at the cd’s we burn. But it does seem like a halfhearted attempt to the newbies. We will figure out a way to disable that Rainer when it comes out. Guess Whistler (a pre-beta was released about a week ago.) Hmm not that I would want Billy and his company looking at what software or music I am burning, you guys remember the little thing about the backdoor holes that MS has for the NSA?? Think along those lines for a moment

forgive me if that looks stupid but I am really tired.

sadsdd sdcs :B