CD-RW - should I go left or right?

Hi, sorry for the “strange” subject, but after searching this forum for the usual question (What CD-RW to buy) I got completely messed up. In the same thread I get people who can read protected cd’s with the Lite-On CDRW and others that can’t. Some prefer ASUS others say ASUS su##! Go for Plextor! No, go for Yamaha!
I really need a hand here… the price difference between Plextor and all the others is, where I live (Portugal), around 3x more, so I know you’ll understand if I say I’d rather go for one of the others. :wink:
Looking at some local web stores I can get my hands on a AOpen 48x24x, or a ASUS 52x24x, an LG 52x24x, LiteOn 52x24x or, finally, a MSI 52x24x.
So, I’d like to ask your opinion (sorry, I understand that this must be the 100000000000th time you give it) about which one I should go for!
Thanks for the support.


LTR-52246S of course!
(or a 7S or 7K if you can find one ;))

(since you’re a newb, here’s some inside info: I’m biased :D)

What do you want to use your drive mainly for (music, data etc)? What are you willing to spend?

BTW, welcome to our forum :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Airhead
LTR-52246S of course!
(or a 7S or 7K if you can find one ;))

@Airhead, Do you know if this baby can burn the 3-sheep file correct??

Which one, the 7S or 7K? :slight_smile:
The 52246S is not a three-sheep writer as you probably already know…

I don’t know about the 7-series, maybe rdgrimes can test it out for us :slight_smile: (or anyone else with a 7)

I usually burn audio cd’s and data.
Regarding the budget, let’s say that more than 100EUR for a Plextor is too much :slight_smile:
I’d go for a around 60 EUR (more or less, not exactly this value) cd-rw.
Thanks, once again, for the support.


Hi (again).
I heard that the LiteOn had several reliability problems (this was told by a computer shop guy). Is this true?

What’s your opinion about the Asus and Aopen drives?


Out of curiosity: everybody’s talking about cd-rw capability to read the new protected cd’s. Is the cd-rw the only way to read these protections? Doesn’t it exist a dvd-rom that can also read these protected cd’s as well?


Well Pilgrim after reading through your problem and reading through the replies, they are either morons or just jackasses who can’t understand what you need. You should try to get either the best LiteOn you can afford or the best Plextor you can afford. Since you say the Plextor is so expensive (try the internet) I would recommend you get a LiteOn. I have an older LiteOn model and can burn most of the new protections, and read them too. So you answer your ? a LiteOn would probably do you just fine. Not too much money out of the pocket either.

Thanks Alexstarfire.
Do you know the difference between the 6-series and the 7-series? I can only find 6S drives.


Sry Pilgrim I have no clue wut the difference is. I could probably find ok by lookin through some sites on the site, but off hand I don’t know. Just get wut u can find, all (at least most) are great.

If cost is not the main issue, and we are talking not much difference, go for the plextor premium - much better than the cheap tacky Lite-ons - used to be good for those ‘backing-up’ !!! - games, etc, but now not so much of a leader - plextor is better all-round - write quality, reliability, 2 yr warranty in europe, support, etc. Plus the plextor utils.