CD-RW reads selectively

Hey All!
I am not much of a hardware person, in fact I hate touching computer internals. I have this strange problem:
Last night I tried playing a VCD on my ASUS CRW-5224A and I couldnt.
First of all the explorer doesnt show the existence of any files on the CD ROM.
Using the command prompt, all I get is : device is not ready.

Worse is that I can run a CD that has MP3-CDA files and even more puzzling (for me) is that I can use the CDR’s that were supplied when I assembled the computer.

Autorun is enabled, so using any of the CDR’s that run (like audio, sw installs etc), they seem to work fine but any pics(jpgs/gifs/mpeg/avi/.dat) dont seem to be read at all.

The yellow light seems to blink when the read is taking place, so all the cables are in place and like I said, the CD Drive is NOT broken because it can still play audio.

Can someone please help ?

Thanks in advance.

PS. I explained that I aint much of a h/w person, so pls dont flame .