CD-RW Raw Data Format, Wont Burn

Nearly any cdrw i buy comes up on my pc as RAW format when you click on properties, and no cd burning software will let me burn to it! It just says “Enter a cdrw disc to continue” or something similar.

What do i do???
THis has been going on for about a year now, and im soo annoyed, i thought id ask you guys.

I have tried, Nero 6, and Alcohol 120%, i have a Teac CD-W54E, The discs that i am using are 4x-12x High Speed TDK 700mb, 80min. Windows Xp Pro, SP2, one thing, i just read somewere that it could be to dow ith it saying “high speed” on the disk packages, and that uit wont burn those even though the speed is ok for my CDRW!

I think the device supports only up to 4x CD-RWs, which means that you are not likely to have much success with high-speed CD-RW (4x-12x). I had a similar problem, but was a while ago and I could still find 1x-4x CD-RWs, which suited me at the time. - here is where I got the information that the burner is up to 4x.
Good luck.

I don’t think there’s really any chance of you using these hi-speed CD-RW just as Kikibug suggests.
I think you need to invest in a new burner. CD writers now are very cheap, but then so are DVD burners.